Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

V-Day is D-Day for Badass Gifts

Nothing stops your heart like remembering that you forgot a valentine's gift. Who started this thing anyway? Luckily, if you're reading this post there is still time. 

Here's is a list of the best badass gifts for guys for Valentine's Day to start your loving relationship on the right track this year:

1. BRIK is a unique and memorable gift for your special one this year. It's a knife encased in a shell of high-strength concrete. Swing & smash... it's one badass way to open a gift. 

Plus inside each BRIK is a code slip with other prizes, including a 1/50 chance at hand-crafted knife forged here in Colorado, valued at 300 bucks!

 2. The meat bouquet. Yes, you heard that right. Get a good variety of varies meat sticks or salami rolls, wrapped them in some butcher paper and you've got yourself a gift that says "I love you, but I know you love meat more"

3. Want to spice it up? Give him a set of ten 5x7 photos of some home-made "intimate" selfies, bundled up in a pair of lacy panties. To be even more clever, hide these and hidden in the false bottom of a cigar box (with cigars, of course!)