Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago


Q: What is a BRIK? 

A: A BRIK is a four pound concrete brick that contains a pocket knife or other EDC gear inside. We have two products, the Knife BRIK and the EDC BRIK. In order to get the knife or EDC gear out, you need to break open the brick with a hammer, rock, or whatever you want. Each BRIK also contains a unique code which can be entered online to see if you've won an additional knife worth $300!

Q: What are the odds of winning a $300 knife? 

A: 1/100 BRIKS contains a code slip that can be redeemed on our website to win a knife valued at $300+. 

Q: Can I return my BRIK once it's been broken? 

A: Due to the nature of the contest, once your BRIK has been cracked open, we cannot process a return. 

Q: Can I see what knives are inside the Knife BRIKs?

A: You won't know which knife is inside your Knife BRIK until it's been opened. However, you can check out the product description page to see what types of knives are inside each batch. 

Q: Can I pre-order BRIKs? 

Yes! Please Contact Us to pre-order BRIKs. We encourage pre-orders for bulk orders and corporate gifting so we can make sure there are enough for your event!