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Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!
Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!
Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!
Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!
Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!
Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!

Knife BRIK Batch 12 - NEW!

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Knife BRIK is the gift wrapped in concrete that you need to smash to open. Each Knife BRIK contains a high-quality folding pocket knife, uniquely selected for each batch. Plus each BRIK includes a special code slip that can be entered online for a chance to win a $300 knife with a fossilized mammoth tusk handle hand-crafted locally in Colorado. 

Our customers are giving them to fellow police officers, soldiers deploying to the middle east, and just their buddies who are always trolling the internet for the craziest shit they can share with their friends! 


Kick-Ass 110% Satisfaction Guarantee
If the person receiving our product doesn’t have a cheeky ass smile on their face when they smash it, or you’re not satisfied in any way, we will refund you 100% of your money, plus an extra 10%! No questions asked. No worries. Seriously. 


Here's How It Breaks Down:

  • Smash Your Brik™ 
  • Grab Your Knife
  • Enter your Code to Win!


What Do I Get? 

You get FREE SHIPPING to you or a friend! Because paying for shipping is like paying for something twice...

You get 4 POUNDS OF CONCRETE nestled in a styrofoam cradle, delivered safely to you or your buddy in a strong, branded cardboard box. Sweet right? 

You'll FEEL SATISFIED knowing a portion of every sale is donated to the young people at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. 

Best of all, you get to see a good friend CRUSH THE SHIT OUT OF A HEAVY BRIK OF AWESOME. They'll smash with a swift drop of a hammer, then they'll be rewarded with the prize inside. 

And these aren't throw-away knives. Each Knife BRIK is filled with one of about ten different knives from the highest quality brands. Each batch contains a different bunch of knives. This batch includes: 


Browning Linerlock
V Knives Griptide
Baladeo Security LinerLock
SOG Traction Lockback
Schrade Sure Lock
Remington Decoy Linerlock
Smith & Wesson Oasis
Smith & Wesson Black Ops
Gerber Ripstop II
Remington Pic Lokt
CRKT Micro Recon I
Camillus Guise
Kershaw Decoy
CRKT Crawford Falcon
Ka-Bar Agama
Timberline Battlehog Linerlock
$300 Colorado hand-crafted blade, 416 layers of Damascus steel, mammoth tusk handle.


What Are My Options? 

Choose your own label. Either:

  • BRIK (normal)
  • F*CK 2020
  • You Are Smashing
  • Or add CUSTOM LABEL for only $5 more! Please write your message in the "Notes" section at checkout. Limit in black box: 8 characters. Limit message below black box: 200 words. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Fun gift. Knife has a cool blade and it was fun to break the brik to get it out.

Brady Larson

Very fun I plan to buy more! I love smashing briks! 😎

Art Bickford
Cool gift!

Got this as a present for a relative and he loved it. Avid knife lover and he loved what he got. Cool idea to smash something and get a knife out of it!

Roni Wildoner
Great gift!!

This was a perfect novel and practical gift all at once! Fun to open and with a great knife inside.

Kaitlyn Greenway

Got this for my dad for his birthday, he was like a little kid opening it up and he got and amazing pocket knife out of it! 10/10 would recommend